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We are thrilled to offer you the renowned Genova Diagnostics GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test, a comprehensive and advanced diagnostic tool that delves deep into your gastrointestinal system to uncover key insights and guide personalized treatment plans.


The GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test is an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to optimize their gut health and address underlying digestive issues. Developed by Genova Diagnostics, a trusted leader in functional medicine testing, this test empowers our team of experienced practitioners to provide you with targeted, evidence-based solutions tailored to your unique needs.


With the Genova Diagnostics GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your digestive health. This non-invasive, at-home test harnesses state-of-the-art technology to analyze an extensive range of markers, offering a comprehensive assessment of your gut microbiome, digestive function, inflammation levels, immune response, and intestinal health.

Here's what you can expect from the GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test:


  • Microbiome Analysis: Your gut microbiome plays a vital role in numerous aspects of your health, from digestion to immune function. This test provides a detailed analysis of the composition and diversity of your gut bacteria, helping us identify imbalances, assess the ratio of beneficial to pathogenic bacteria, and determine potential dysbiosis that may contribute to digestive disorders, inflammation, or other health concerns.

  • Digestion and Absorption: Optimal digestion and nutrient absorption are crucial for overall well-being. This test examines markers related to your digestive enzymes, pancreatic function, and absorption of fats and carbohydrates. By assessing these factors, we gain insight into potential malabsorption issues, nutrient deficiencies, and imbalances that may be affecting your energy levels, mood, and overall health.

  • Inflammation and Immunology: Chronic inflammation within the gut can disrupt digestive function and contribute to various health conditions. The GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test evaluates markers associated with gut inflammation, such as calprotectin and lactoferrin. Additionally, it examines your immune response within the gut, providing crucial information on immune dysregulation, potential autoimmune conditions, and chronic gastrointestinal symptoms.

  • Intestinal Health: The integrity of your intestinal barrier is essential for a healthy gut. This test assesses the presence of zonulin, a protein involved in regulating tight junctions. By analyzing markers for intestinal permeability, we gain insight into the potential presence of leaky gut syndrome, which can lead to systemic inflammation, food sensitivities, and a range of gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Comprehensive Parasitology: Parasitic infections can often go undetected, leading to persistent gastrointestinal symptoms. The GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test includes an extensive analysis of stool samples to identify the presence of parasites, including protozoa and helminths. By detecting and addressing these infections, we can help alleviate symptoms and restore your gut health.


Once you've ordered the Genova Diagnostics GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test from our Functional Nutrition Clinic, you'll receive a comprehensive testing kit, complete with clear instructions for sample collection and return. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process, ensuring ease and convenience.


Once your samples are received at the Genova Diagnostics laboratory, highly skilled technicians will conduct a detailed analysis. Your results will be compiled into a comprehensive report, showcasing easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and explanations. During your follow-up consultation with our experienced practitioners, we will discuss your results in-depth, providing personalized recommendations and treatment strategies to optimize your gut health and overall well-being.


GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test

  • This test requires a stool sample.

    You should receive your test kit within 2 working days of your order, however, this may take longer with the current Covid 19 situation.

    Your samples need to be sent guaranteed next day delivery or via courier please do not send samples on a Friday – (not included in price)

    Turnaround time for receiving results is 19 working days. We will be sent your results first and will then dispatch them to you. We offer a service to interpret your results and provide you with recommendations to improve any findings within them. This would require an initial consultation with us – you can book an initial consultation.

    We provide a service to interpret your results and provide personalised recommendations to help you improve findings within them.  This requires an initial nutritional consultation - please contact us to arrange.  

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