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At the Functional Nutrition Clinic, we provide a holistic approach using nutritional and lifestyle therapies to promote optimal health and wellbeing.


Our philosophy is to work with nature to rebalance your biological rhythms.  Our core principles are to: 

To listen and understand your health concerns​

Determine a timeline and root cause

Apply personalised evidence based nutritional and lifestyle protocols

Educate, empower, and provide accountability

Trying to get healthy by just resolving SYMPTOMS alone do not resolve the imbalance in your internal SYSTEMS and doing so likely to keep the problem under radar only to re-appear down the line.  If you want help in dealing with the symptoms and the root cause, we can help you.

We help you get back to eating real food whether you are focused on a plant-based diet or a mixture.  Food is not like medicine, it is medicine.  Every cell in your body requires energy and nutrients for metabolism, regeneration, detoxification, elimination, communication, and immunity.  That doesn’t mean you have to be a radical food activist to achieve wellness.   

You are a whole person and therefore applying a combined approach supporting your lifestyle, nutrition and mindset will help producing lasting change.

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